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Brevius is on a mission to help people manage their subscriptions. Staying on top of price changes and manage all standing orders can be challenging.

It shouldn't be a difficult task but as long as no common platform is available to list all subscriptions, it will be a problem many people face. 

When Brevius started to work on this problem we realised the magnitude of this issue. In Britain alone, people waste around £800m per year on unwanted subscriptions. 

We set out the goal to help everyone manage their standing orders in a simple way. Brevius created a platform which gives an overview of all of your subscriptions, the date you pay and the amount you pay for the service.

This is a free app. Simply download the application and connect your bank account(s) and Brevius does the rest. We analyse your transactions to look for recurring payments. Users will have the option to flag payments as subscriptions should we not be able to find them.

Give it a try and help to save millions of pounds for unused and unwanted services.

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